Kalloori Saalai Lyrics

Kalloori Saalai Lyrics

Kalloori Saalai Lyrics : Kalloori Saalai is a super hit song from the 1996 Tamil film Kadhal Desam, directed by Kathir and produced by K. T. Kunjumon. The film starred Vineeth, Abbas, Tabu and others. A. R. Rahman composed the film’s soundtrack and score. Legendary lyricist Vaali penned the lyrics of all the songs in this movie. AR Rahman, Hariharan, Aslam Mustafa sang this song.

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Inbhaththai karuvaakkinaal pen
Inbhaththai karuvaakkinaal pen
Ulaghaththil manidhanai uruvaakkinaal pen
Ulaghaththil manidhanai uruvaakkinaal pen
Vinnavarkkum mannavarkkum vilayaettra selvam pen
Vilayattra selvam pen

Hey pasi marandhom pennai kandu
Kavalai marandhom pennai kandu
Kavidhai varaindhom pennai kandu  hoi

Ka ka ka kalloori saalai kalloori saalai
Ka ka ka kalloori saalai kalloori saalai
Ka ka ka kalloori saalai

kaalai mudhal maalai varai saalai yenghum kadhal mazhai
Kashmir roja thottam catwalk inghae kaattum
Yennaalum fashion show

kalloori saalai
Yo kalloori saalai hotter than a summer day
Bus stop tea shop in the middle of the non stop
Cutie beauty and as sweet as candy
Am mad am bad am a romeo baby
I love you lady you judge my mind
I am a never goin with the girl your beautiful
Jasmine daisy roja sunshine forget me not girl so crazy

Kanghal silicon graphics
Girls vandhaale jam aaghum traffic
V channel choiceil un dolby voiceil
Lightning kannanghal laser
Yendhan love matter sollaadhu pager
Nam kaadhal computer needhaane software

Cellular phoneai pola neenghal irundhaal
Bhaghi pant packet kulla naanghal vaiththukkolvom
Contact lensai pola neenghal irundhaal
Kannukkul compact aagha naanghal vaiththukkolvom
Azhaghaana pen yendrum oru inspiration
Munnaeralaam Kandaal yenghal generation
Kalloori chaalai yenghum kaadhal thozhirchaalai dhaanae

Dating kaagha daily college gateinil kaaththiruppom
Ok yendraal san Francisco disco poi varuvom
Passing girls rock yendrum
Aadiyil kondaadum saalai inbha saalai

Everyday love season new fashion
Naam vaazhum dhaesam kaadhal dhaesam dhaan

Ka ka ka kalloori saalai kalloori saalai


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